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I briefly attended a liberal arts college. A liberal arts college is a Christian caucasian bastion of privilege and ignorance. One of my favourite people there was an American Army lieutenant, a sensitive soul, the kind that understood our goals.

In the autumn of 1982 the lieutenant and I discussed China. We thought that Mr. Zedong Mao had not fouled the country as many supposed.

The way of the warrior is not to war.

The least reputable path is most reputable. 

Believing the President of the United States is the most powerful office in the world

indicates a mistaken worldview.

The willingness to perpetuate a mistaken worldview indicates corruption.

Does Mr. Obama lack testicles?

Mr. Obama has been disloyal to his race, his supporters, the Presidency, and the Constitution. Capitalism is incompatible with democracy. In September 2011 Mr. Obama assassinated an American citizen with a Predator drone. Mr. Obama, a former Constitutional Law professor, officially assassinated Mr. al-Awlaki, a lecturer, because Mr. al-Awlaki refused to submit to Federal jurisdiction. In truth Mr. Obama killed Mr. al-Awlaki because of the colour of their skins. Mr. Edward Snowden and I have also refused to voluntarily submit to Federal jurisdiction, but because we are Caucasian we will not be assassinated. I, as was Mr. Jobs, am often accused of being anti loyal. Mr. Obama is a traitor.

A disproportionate number of the law firms which attracted my interest were headquartered in Chicago, and received an earlier version of a memo.

What is your objection to Chicago?

“The number of people I met who told me they were from Texas escalated just about the time of the first election of the second Bush, a former governor of Texas, to the US Presidency. The second Bush is supposedly referred to as “W.” The repeated meetings of Texans and the topics of conversation were clearly incoincidental. This is the Incubator, and the President’s political machine was putting the Incubatee to use just as someone did in the case of McCain, the New York City Mayoral contests and numerous others."

Atlanta, Georgia?

Mr. Carter’s Presidency was noted for his unwillingness to kill. In college I hitchhiked through Georgia. On one occasion an African American man gave me a lift, and a place to stay with his mother and family in Atlanta. I have difficulty imagining Mr. Carter killing with a drone. I hope my tenancy will be judged as favourably.

Any kind words for the American Ambassador for Japan?

The military industrial complex assassinated her father. America is more ill than we will ever know. She is now in the hire of her father's killers. That is neither loyal or anti loyal. That is patricide.

Why is public service bullshit?

Public service serves government. Government has one purpose: more government.

Weren't the American founders brilliant?

They understood us v. them propaganda, and named their nation accordingly.

Imagine being stupid enough to think you can write down your constitution. The founders were dumber than that.

The American Republican party?

  1. Republican and Communist: 共和 & 共産
    1. share an ideograph: share.
    2. The second character of Republican, 和:
      1. is the same as the second character in the old name for Japan: 大和
      2. means harmony.
  2. Fabricated it's own Nemesis: the Democratic Party
  3. Red is associated with:
    1. American and Chinese Republicans.
    2. apples.
    3. women.
  4. Only Nixon could go to China.
  5. Both my father and grandfather, Jobs’s father, were Republican, Libertarian, and/or Communist. 
  6. I have always registered Republican or Libertarian. 
  7. You don’t change horses in midstream.
  8. The party of Eisenhower, who:
    1.  learned how corrupt the Americans were that he did not want a second term.
    2. coined the phrase military industrial complex.

 ​I am just one of the people who is sick of the social order, sick of the establishment, sick to my soul of it all. To me, America's society is nothing but a cancer, and it must be exposed before it can be cured. I am not the doctor to cure it. All I can do is expose the sickness.


Nina Simone

The three least heard words in



Skye 満華 Intireina Allen

'and then what?'


Robert Michael Gates

What is moral? Outcomes are infinite. 'And then what?' includes infinite immoral outcomes.

Does the end justify the means? If existence is infinite the answer is unknowable.

Am I a man dreaming I am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I am a man?



capitalism, the new communism 

DWEM: Cronies, like capitalism itself, will adapt.

SMA: Duh. That is why more than 40% of Americans rely on the Federal government for their salary.

DWEM: You always get the last word, don't you?

SMA: 阿呆。

America's Gorbachev

In ten years, you will be the second largest economy in the world. You can go gracefully, or you can go like the English. To go gracefully requires more. More is something greater than the sum of the parts.

If things are going less than smoothly, the fault is not mine.

  • LinkedIn
  • WeChat deleted my entire chat history, including a chat with the managing partner of one of the ten largest law firms in China which discussed my defection to Beijing. 

If laboratory rats think that their use of social networks is of less value to the exploiters of intellectual property than my use, you understand the big picture even less than this laboratory rat.

A nation claiming to be the world's policeman after having twice used weapons of mass destruction on civilians is like Charles Manson appointing himself sheriff.

For 240 years it’s been a terrible mistake to bet against America, and now is no time to start. America’s golden goose of commerce and innovation will continue to lay more and larger eggs.

- War& Smorgasbord​

Q: Would _______ kill the golden goose?

A: _______'s history is littered with dead geese.

- panelist at symposium

I have been reciting the panelist's quote for decades. Replace the blank with the name of any superpower. Mr. Buffet's reference to my repeated muttering is an effort to amass power at my expense. As per his usual modus operandi, he will claim he knows nothing about me. Perpetuation of falsehoods rises to the level of corruption.

Mr. Buffet understandably echoes the 1000 year Reich. History will distinguish between Nazis and Americans less than we distinguish between different Roman Empires. Roman Emperors ruled for more than 700 years, but one anticipating their demise would have been correct. The most valuable resource is time, and my family has more.

Brahm Rhodes

Electing a woman President sends a signal to every little girl that she too can be ​President.

- Brahm Rhodes

Mr. Rhodes lived a door down from me when I was in elementary school. A black family in American suburbia in 1968 was rarer than Kunta Kinte at a Merle Haggard concert. I must just have great luck! Fuck me.

The real signals which would be sent are:

  1. You will not be measured by merit.
  2. A woman should sleep her way to the top.
  3. Facilitating your husband's lies is a path to success.
  4. You will be rewarded or punished based on your gender.
  5. Whom you marry is more important than what you achieve.
  6. You should squirt out a child to make your husband electable.
  7. For a woman to become President, her husband must be President first.
  8. The electorate should not hold candidates to the minimum standards for civil service.
  9. The Presidency is an office to parade incompetents without regard to skill, ability or record.

Having one child is like having no children at all.

- May or Mae?

Jamaican employee

at Battiston's Cleaners

battles without death or honour


JP: Look! We taught you to hop on one foot.

SMA: You amputated my other leg.

JP: Being ungrateful is impolite.


Pillory: Really? I did not know my ghost writer plagiarised your life story to write my book.

SMA: Ignorance at your level is incompetence.


Pillory: I don't think so. Bush II would give a Clinton II term legitimacy. Particularly if Bush II turns out to be a great president. I think we should do all we can to make Bush II.

BC: [garbled]

Pillory: Annunciate, Bill. How many times do I have to tell you?

BC removing breast of other woman from mouth: Yes dear, whatever you say.


Japanese trading house with REIT in NYC: ooo, looks like you neglected to stipulate in the building code how we dismantle these.


DNC: Okay, the 2016 Presidential candidates can both be from NYC, but the Japs have a couple buildings they need removing.

RNC: The Japs? They're your people. You want we have Rudy take care of that?

NYC: Good plan. Now, we need to set a date to determine the preordained loser for 2020.

Boston: Preordained loser? That's our forte.


The decision is yours. Eight more years of the same old blah blah blah, or eight years of inappropriate Tweets and insulted foreign dignitaries. Maybe I'm just bored, but I'm liking something different.

Mr. Obama: your note stated you were "shaken" by Mr. Abe's demonstration yesterday. My intent was never to shake you. My intent is to kill you, and anyone who threatens my daughter.

Mrs. RoundRock: Your line being initiated in the last 100 years makes you a member of the 99%. Like almost all of the 99%, you are dangerously ignorant. Do not give our family any of your 'gifts' again.

Have you ever wondered whether, if Mr. Obama were to hit the launch button for the ICBMs (I See Bowel Movements), would the minions reset the target coordinates to Chicago?

you're clouding the issue with facts

DWEM: Mr. Trump does not base his arguments in fact.

  1. The American government has 24/7 surveillance satellites covering every metre of the globe.
  2. The satellites are precise enough to find and kill a person.
  3. The satellites lost a Boeing 777.

SMA: Those facts belong to you and Mrs. Clinton. Not me. Not Mr. Trump.

The third fact is contradicted by the first two. You and yours repeat 'facts' until we forget common sense, logic, and decency. If you don't think Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama created IS, give us facts proving who did. If you don't think moneyed English interests created Al-Qaeda while I lived in London, give us facts proving who did.

More than Bush II and the eChain, you, the Clintons, and the Bushes persuaded us Mr. Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The Goebbels and Bloombergs have given Mr. Trump and I 'facts'. We work with your facts, and you grease palms. If we work with real facts, you condemn and ostracise.

The party not presenting facts to support one's claim is not Mr. Trump. You made this hypocrisy. You are not supporting your claims with facts. Mr. Trump nor I are peddling papers. You do not appear to be purveyors of fact, but propagandists. You may win this war, but we will win the peace.

DWEM: OK. This time we get the last word. We have more readers and money than you. We win. You lose. Shut up.

People fight the most over things that matter the least​.

- John Ghanotakis

Clinton II claims to be of the 99%. The politics of divisiveness is wrong. Who does or does not represent the 99% is irrelevant. Who is for the business of death and deception as usual is relevant. The Clintons threw in their lot with the death and deception crowd long ago, and have too much vested to get out. Mr. Trump at least makes an effort. Given an opportunity, he may be able to make a difference.


Think back to any presidential election in your lifetime. Imagine if the 'losing' candidate had won. Would anything in your life be any different? If you answer yes, you are probably lying to yourself.

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